Tek Kartlı Bilgisayar

     Advantech RISC tabanli Tek Kartli Bilgisayarlarlari güçlü bir RISC SoC temel alinarak tasarlanmislardir. Farkli form faktörlerinde üretilen bu SBC ürünleri yüksek performans, düsük güç kullanimi, genis sicaklik araliginda çalisma gerektiren farkli dikey sektörlerde güvenle kullanilabilirler.


RSB-4760 is a RISC 3.5" single board computer (SBC) powered by Qualcomm ARM® Cortex®-A53 APQ8016 processor that supports full HD display and intergrades on board wireless solution – Wi-Fi, BT and GPS. RSB-4760 also features in mini PCIe, M.2, and SIM card slots for expanding connectivity capability, like 3G, 4G/LTE modules. Equipped with complete Android, Linux and Win10 IoT core BSPs, this SBC enables customers to easily develop unique application on specific OS.


RSB-3851 is a new generation embedded computing single board based on Intel Quark X1000 processor technology. With 2.5" small form factor, ptimized power design, wired/wireless connectivity, and highly integrated I/O for industrial control and IoT data processing, it’s the most reliable and economical solution for your intelligent devices.


TI Sitara™ ARM® AM3358 Cortex®-A8 3.5" SBC


RSB-4411 is an Advantech RISC 3.5" SBC powered by NXP ARM® Cortex-A9 i.MX6 high performance processor, which provide sufficient power for Full HD video encoding/decoding, and also support Gigabit Ethernet for networking. RSB-4411 also supports miniPCIe, M.2 and SIM card slot for WiFi,BT and 3G module. With complete BSP of Linux and Android, it's feasible to build up your own application software in different OS


Intel Quark x1000 2.5" SBC


RSB-3410 is a standard pico-ITX 2.5" single board computer powered by ARM technology. With a powerful Cortex-A9 NXP i.MX6 SoC, 1 GB on-board DDR3 and 4GB flash memory, RSB-3410 provides outstanding computing power with a very low power consumption. It's an ideal solution for different vertical markets in the IoT world due to the rich I/O and excellent connectivity of Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS and Giga Ethernet. The compact size and standard pico-ITX form factor help fit in different mechanical design.


NXP ARM® Cortex-A8 i.MX53 SBC


TI Sitara™ ARM® AM3352 Cortex®-A8 3.5" Single board


RSB-4410 is an Advantech RISC 3.5" SBC powered by Freescale ARM® encoding/decoding, and also support Gigabit Ethernet for networking. RSB- BSP for customer building up their own application software.