Box Computer

     Advantech RISC-based Box Computers (Box PC) featured application such as Cortex-A9,ARM, focus design for demanding markets. Together with RISC Design Support Services they streamline the whole design process and help customers rapidly develop their own innovations


EPC-R4760 is an ARM based Box Computer powered by Qualcomm ARM® Cortex®-A53 APQ8016 processor that supports full HD display and intergrades on board wireless solution – Wi-Fi, BT and GPS. RSB-4760 also features in mini PCIe, M.2, and SIM card slots for expanding connectivity capability, like 3G, 4G/LTE modules. Equipped with complete Android, Linux and Win10 IoT core BSPs, this SBC enables customers to easily develop unique application on specific OS.


EPC-R6410 is the RISC based box computer which integrated NXP i.MX6D/Q Cortex-A9 1.0GHz high performance processor. It is designed for the applications that require high performance and rich I/O but low power consumption. It supports dual display via HDMI and VGA up to 1080p, 1 Gigabit Ethernet, 6 USB 2.0 and 4 serials, as well as mini-PCIE for 4G/3G and M.2 for WiFi/BT. With wall mount brackets, fanless and dust-proof design, you can easy install in rugged environment.


UBC-222 is a new generation embedded computing system based on Intel Quark processor technology. With fanless and optimized power design, wired/wireless connectivity, and highly integrated I/O for industrial automation, it’s the most reliable and economical solution for your intelligent factory.


UBC-330 is a RISC complete box which integrated TI Sitara AM3352 Cortex-A8 processor. It offers 2x gigabit ethernets, 6x serials, 4x GPI and 4x GPO. For the industrial application, the UART & GPIO feature a rugged ESD and isolation protection and it can protect system from unstable power damage. Otherwise, UBC-330 also has multiple power input and operation temperature support. It is an ideal solution for automation control such as smart grid, industrial and machinery automation applications.


RISC-based digital signage box UBC-DS31, powered by the Freescale ARM® Cortex™-A9 i.MX6 Dual 1GHz processor with Advantech's SUSIAccess signage software built-in. Based on the ARM Cortex-A9 processor, UBC-DS31 delivers high performance and low power consumption. With superior multimedia performance, it also features an easy assembly design, and specific management software for digital signage applications.


Freescale ARM Cortex-A9 i.MX6 RISC Compact Box Computer


Freescale i.MX6 RISC Compact Box


Intel Quark x1000 2.5" Box Computing


UBC-310 provides sufficient computing power for Full HD video, based on a Freescale ARM Cortex-A9 i.MX6 Dual Lite high performance processor with built-in Gigabit Ethernet for networking. It is easy to set up anywhere because of its compact size and flexible mounting design, including wall mount, and VESA 75/100 mount. UBC-310 is easy to operate in any application and environment.

It comes along with a pre-loaded SUSIAccess for Signage software for remote management and Signage Player control. It's based on the Linux QT framework and integrated multiple functions including content producer and device management. The "Content Producer" provides a content editor, layout editor and content description; "Device Conductor" supports status monitoring, video/audio dispatch and firmware update. Users can manage the contents in all UBC-310 devices through Ethernet.